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How to file a Consumer Complaint in India

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted to supply a less complicated and faster access to shopper grievances. The Act for the primary time introduced the idea of ‘consumer’ and presented categorical further rights on him.

Before filing a grievance there ar few necessities that ar vital for the patron. the patron Protection Act, 1986 list out a number of these that must be followed before filing a grievance that ar as follows:

First, you need to be a shopper to file grievance.
Section 2(d) of the Act defines the ‘consumer’.

So per a layman’s language, anyone United Nations agency buys product or services for a few thought which might be totally or partially paid, for his personal use and not for producing or merchandising is named a shopper.

Complaint may be a statement created in writing to the National Commission, the State Commission or the District Forum by someone competent to file it, containing the allegations well, and with a read to get relief provided below the Act. This definition is enclosed in Section 2(1) (c)

Secondly, as per the Section 24A it's vital that a shopper grievance may be filed inside 2 years from the date on that explanation for action arises.
The third most vital issue we have a tendency to conjointly have to be compelled to guarantee an extra issue before filing a grievance that the case falls inside the jurisdiction of a selected District/ State commission.
In order to support your grievance plainly an inventory of all the mentioned proofs, invoices, bills, documents etc.
After considering the higher than points the patron will follow the steps explicit  below so as to file a grievance. Section twelve of the patron Protection Act discusses the

STEP 1: making ready A grievance PETITION

The first step concerned in filing a case within the shopper Court is making ready a grievance petition. The petition carries all the small print of the case. Below may be a list outlining the finer aspects of making ready a grievance petition:

The grievance should be definite and precise. It shouldn’t embody generalized statement
Keep all facts, proofs, documents, receipts, cards etc. associated with your grievance in correct order. you'll be needed to submit them at the time of hearing of the case
Once the grievance Petition is prepared, it's essential to create three copies of an equivalent at the side of photocopies of all the relevant proofs, supplemented with associate legal instrument
Copies of the grievance Petition and therefore the proofs will need to be served upon all the parties concerned, besides the 3 copies being filed
Above all, it should be ensured that the case falls inside the jurisdiction of a selected District Forum/State Commission by checking if the alternative party resides or carried on business or includes a branch workplace inside the boundaries of the jurisdiction.
STEP 2: selecting A shopper COURT

There ar 3 distinct levels of shopper Courts that are set-up to assist you file your case

The District shopper Disputes Redressal Forum – (SECTION eleven OF the patron PROTECTION ACT, 1986)
The consumer complaints/ cases in disputes that concerned a thought price up to Rs twenty Lakhs ar accepted. so as to question the choice of the District Forum, associate attractiveness may be filed within the State Commission.

The State shopper Disputes Redressal Commission – (SECTION seventeen OF the patron PROTECTION ACT, 1986)
The Consumer Complaints/ cases in disputes that concerned a thought quantity go between twenty Lakhs to one large integer ar accepted. Through associate attractiveness the choice of the State Commission may be questioned within the National Commission if the aggrieved party isn't glad.

The National shopper Disputes Redressal Commission – (SECTION twenty one OF the patron PROTCTION ACT, 1986)
The Consumer complaints/cases in disputes involving thought go on the far side Rs one large integer ar accepted. By filing associate attractiveness within the Supreme Court, the choice of the National commission if any of the parties isn't glad may be questioned.


The fees that's determined as per the several Forum to that the grievance is filed.


Provisions are created within the shopper Protection Act, 1986 to file Appeal/Revisions to higher level Commission(s) and to the Honourable Supreme Court of Republic of India, if one isn't glad with the verdicts of the several Court(s) below:

State Commission- (SECTION fifteen OF the patron PROTECTION ACT, 1986)
For filing associate attractiveness within the State Commission a Statutory Deposit at the speed of fifty of the awarded quantity, or Rs 25000/- whichever is a smaller amount should be deposited.

National Commission - (SECTION nineteen OF the patron PROTECTION ACT, 1986)
Same goes for the Appeals that ar to be filed to the National Commission, that's the Statutory Deposit of the five hundred of the awarded quantity or Rs 35000 whichever is a smaller amount should be deposited.

Supreme Court -An attractiveness / revision may be filed as against the ultimate order elapsed National Commission within the Honourable Supreme Court of Republic of India. (SECTION twenty three OF the patron PROTECTION ACT, 1986)
STEP 5: associate legal instrument at the side of the complaints conjointly must be filed to confirm that the facts explicit  ar true and proper. per the Act, it's not necessary for the litigant to interact associate Advocate; the grievance may be filed personally or by any licensed representative.


Consumer must be additional tuned in to the malpractices followed by the merchandiser and may get on my feet for his or her rights. The higher than article is associate initiative associated an endeavour to encourage and educate the shoppers on the procedure to file a grievance against the unscrupulous traders. we'd like to be open-eyed and additional cautious against the standard and amount of the products provided to America by the traders and solely obtain the products once full examination.

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