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Dowry could be a major social menace in Bharat. Every year, innumerable girls area unit victims to dower harassment. Some area unit subjected to torture, whereas others area unit found dead in suspicious circumstances.

The Indian system, has the subsequent laws in situ, which may be used whereas filing associate FIR against the accused-

1- In 1983 section 498-A of the Indian legal code (IPC) was introduced to modify all styles of force together with those that arose from “demand for property from the ladies and her family”. This in alternative words controlled demand for dower and additionally enclosed totally different acts of torture that the in laws indulged in with the woman. These enclosed beating and abusing her, sexual violence, use of cuss words, imprisonment etc. this will cause imprisonment for upto a most of three years.

2- once a girl commits suicide attributable to dower connected harassment at intervals seven years of being married section 304-B of the IPC that was amended within the year 1986, ought to be wont to prosecute. amount|the amount} of seven years has seemingly been unbroken to confirm that the limitation period for filing suspected dower connected complaints area unit high.

3- Section 406 of the IPC is supposed to safeguard “stridhan” - wealth given to bride on the eve of her wedding by the family to confirm her well being within the future. If such wealth is illegal by the bridegroom and his family, a non-bailable and cognoscible offence is committed which may end in imprisonment for 3 years with fine.

4- Protection of ladies from force Act (2005) too deals with dower connected violence and provides remedy for a similar. tho' this is often mostly a causa that orders protecting decrees for safeguarding girls, if such decrees aren't followed the court will initiate criminal proceedings against the fallible party.

5- The dower Prohibition Act (1960) could be a landmark legislation that completely deals with grappling dower completely. Section two of this act defines dower as “give and take of any valuable property”. Section three and section four of the act deals with the penalty for giving, taking and difficult dower. The imprisonment ranges from half-dozen months to five years and fine ranges between ten,000 rupees to the number of dower demanded.

Similarly, once a person or his family, or each are defendant of dower harassment, they'll file a counter FIR beneath the subsequent legal provisions-

Sec 120B Indian legal code, 1860 – penalisation of Criminal Conspiracy – The husband or the in laws will file a legal case alleging criminal conspiracy from the partner or her relatives.
Sec 167 Indian legal code, 1860 – employee framing Associate in Nursing incorrect document with intent to cause injury – If you think that the police authorities ar serving to your partner in creating false grievance and framing incorrect documents you'll file a case against them alleging their false framing of documents.
Sec 182 Indian legal code, 1860 – False info, with intent to cause employee to use his lawful power to the injury of another person – What typically happens is that the general public servant in his power will one thing which could not be verity, in short, a false info is circulated therefore on depress the proof.
Section 191 Indian legal code, 1860 – Giving false proof – If you think that your partner or anybody is presenting false proof against you within the court of law or police headquarters, you'll file a case alleging that the proof that ar being employed to prosecute you're false, that consequently create the total charges false.
Section 197 Indian legal code, 1860 – issue or linguistic communication a false certificate – misdemeanour may be a crime, one can’t sign a false certificate and asseverate it to be true. Hence, if somebody suffers owing to the incorrect certificate, he will prove himself innocent once showing enough proof.
Section 471 within the Indian legal code – victimisation as real a solid [document or electronic record]. –Whoever fraudulently or deceitfully uses as real any [document or electronic record] that he is aware of or has reason to believe to be a solid [document or electronic record], shall be reproved within the same manner as if he had solid such [document or electronic record].
Section 497 within the Indian legal code – free love – Whoever has sexual activity with an individual UN agency is and whom he is aware of or has reason to believe to be the partner of another man, while not the consent or connivance of that man, such sexual activity not amounting to the offence of rape, is guilty of the offence of free love, and shall be reproved with imprisonment of either description for a term which can touch 5 years, or with fine, or with each. In such case, the partner shall not be punishable as Associate in Nursing accessary.
Section five hundred Indian legal code, 1860 – defamation – name is man’s biggest quality. therefore if somebody tries to smear you by any means that, you'll drag them to court for the hurt suffered by you owing to their conduct. they're going to be entitled to pay you damages to you in terms of compensation.
Section 504 The Indian legal code, 1860 – Intentional insult with intent to electrify breach of the peace – Whoever advisedly insults, and thereby provides provoca­tion to a person, intending or knowing it to be doubtless that such provocation can cause him to interrupt the general public peace, or to commit the other offence, shall be reproved with imprisonment of either description for a term which can touch 2 years, or with fine, or with each.
Section 506 Indian legal code, 1860 – penalisation for Criminal Intimidation – you'll file a case of criminal intimidation against your partner alleging that she threatens you to try and do hurt to you or your family or your property. Yet again, proof is that the solely factor which may support your case.
Section 227 of The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 – If you think that the grievance registered by your partner is fake you'll file Associate in Nursing application beneath sec 227 stating that the 498A case stuffed by your partner is fake. If you have got enough proofs, or if she doesn't have enough proof to substantiate the costs, likelihood is that that the decide simply dismisses the 498A case because it may be a framed one.
Section nine of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 – harm recovery case – If she breaks into your home, creates a scene, and goes to ” protection officer ” and lies that you simply abused her “physically, showing emotion or economically”, file a harm recovery case beneath Section nine of CPC against her. Legally, you need to issue notice on identical day or next day. The suit can continue for a protracted time. it's no risk.
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