All you need to know about Road Accidents, road accidents,

All you need to know about Road Accidents


There has been a steep increase of road accidents within the past few years with the enlargement of additional cars in Republic of India. Road injuries and fatalities have come back up as a significant public concern because it is one in every of the leading causes of death and permanent incapacity during this country. in keeping with a study conducted by National Transportation designing and centre [1], one road accident takes place in each four minutes in Republic of India. virtually ninety seven of the road accidents area unit caused by rash or negligent driving[2].

When a road accident takes place, it provides rise to each civil and criminal liabilities on the a part of the motive force relying upon the character and reason for the accident. cars Act, 1988 majorly modify problems associated with road accidents. Indian legal code additionally covers bound areas once it involves criminal liability.

Things to try and do just in case of a road accident (Section 132 of cars Act, 1988)

It is the driver’s duty to prevent his vehicle and sit up for a peace officer for a few affordable time[3] once he's concerned in an exceedingly road accident and injures someone, animal or causes harm to the other automobile or property.

The driver of the vehicle shouldn't panic and he ought to offer his name and address to the person tormented by the accident and additionally arouse the affected person’s details.

Generally individuals run faraway from such things chiefly thanks to concern of public harassment, violence and record. there's an opening that folks might own up to their fault however owing to rampant felony culture they assume that it's safer to run away than reality potential harassment and loot by the police.

There are several accidents during which owing to celebrity limelight and financial fastness the matter has been suppressed and not Janus-faced any serious implications within the eyes of law. The Aaston Martin hit Associate in Nursingd run case is one in every of those cases wherever the attention witness gave the statement that a young man (Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani) came out of the Aaston Martin fast Associate in Nursingd hopped into security vehicle once touch a Hundai automobile so ramming into an Audi saleroom however consecutive day an previous worker of Reliance Industries, Mr. Bansilal Joshi same he was accountable for the accident that occurred throughout a routine maintenance ride of the same automobile. He same that he afraid therefore he ran away. The police recorded his report however failed to arrest him as they weren't positive regarding WHO was the particular wrongdoer.[4]

The recent Hema Malini automobile accident is also one in every of the incidents wherever priority of winning aid was given to the celebrity and member of parliament over the common Indian family. All of the members of the family had suffered hand tool injuries than what Hema Malini did; and additionally thereto, they lost their two year previous girl too. however medical facilitate reached them long once Hema Malini was driven off around sixty kilometre away by a good Samaritan passer-by in his automobile.[5]

 Things to try and do just in case of injury to someone in an exceedingly road accident (Section 134 of cars Act, 1988)

It is the duty of the motive force or the person answerable of the vehicle to require the wounded person to the closest hospital unless he's unable to try and do therefore thanks to circumstances out of his management. Such a driver ought to offer any reasonably data to the police as and once demanded.

In case there was no police close to the realm of accident, such incident ought to be rumored to the closest police headquarters inside twenty four hours of the same accident.

Information regarding the accident ought to run to the insurance firm of the policy holder (driver or owner). Policy holder is that the one who holds the Certificate of Insurance issued by the insurance firm. data like date, time and place of the accident, details of the person dead or wounded, details of the motive force of the automobile area unit vital in such cases.

Things to try and do once a road accident

An application for compensation ought to be filed underneath the Claims Tribunal[6] once death, injury or harm has been caused by a motorcar.

Such application are often filed by[7]:-

the one who has sustained such injury;

the person whose property is damaged;

legal representatives of the person deceased or;

an agent duty licensed by the wounded person or the legal representatives.

There area unit 3 modes by that aggrieved will arouse compensation:-

Principle of no fault liability (Section 140),

Structured formula basis (Section 163A),

Compensation in hit and run cases (Section161)

In the case of no fault liability principle, the applicant doesn't have to be compelled to prove any fault or neglect on the a part of the motive force for receiving compensation. there's a hard and fast quantity of compensation collectible to the victim that is fifty,000/- just in case of death and twenty five,000/- just in case of permanent bad condition.

In case of compensation by structured formula basis, the owner of the vehicle or the licensed insurance firm shall be prone to pay as per the Second Schedule of the same Act to the victim or his legal representatives once such vehicle is concerned in inflicting death or permanent bad condition to someone.

The higher than 2 modes of compensation are often availed providing the identity of the automobile is understood. Also, a applicant cannot use each ways of compensation along.

The third mode of compensation is in Hit and Run cases. Hit and run are often explained because the liability of a driver of any vehicle WHO is concerned in an exceedingly collision that damages vehicle or property of the other person or injures the other person(s) or each and WHO runs away while not giving his name and registration number as prescribed by statute to the casualty, witness or any enforcement officer. it's a state of affairs wherever the identity of the vehicle accountable for the accident isn't traceable. because the identity of the motive force or the owner isn't traceable, a hard and fast quantity of compensation is given to the victim or the legal representatives of the victim from funds created by the govt. The applicant receives twenty five,000/- and twelve,500/- in state of affairs of death and grievous injury severally.

So manifestly, the compensation quantity reduces by [*fr1] if the motive force or the automobile can't be set. so it's imperative to try to find the incorrect actor.

No closing date has been prescribed for filing claim application. ab initio once the law came into force application had be filed inside half dozen months from the date of accident that was later raised to at least one year except for the welfare of the individuals such limitation has been deleted from the legislation[8].

Any person WHO feels aggrieved by the choice of the Claims judicature will attractiveness within the tribunal. There area unit exceptions to such attractiveness. Firstly, no attractiveness by the one who is meant to pay any quantity in terms of award given by the Claims judicature shall be pleased by the tribunal, unless he has deposited with it rupees twenty five,000/- or five hundredth of the number therefore awarded, whichever is a smaller amount within the manner directed by the tribunal. Secondly, no attractiveness shall lie against any award if the number within the dispute is a smaller amount than rupees ten,000/-[9].

Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 additionally covers the offences like over rushing, dangerous driving and drunk driving. someone ought to have had 30mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood in his/her body to be known as drunk underneath the Act. a primary time wrongdoer within the case of drunk driving can be sentenced up to six months imprisonment or punished up to 2 thousand rupees or each. A second time wrongdoer inside the time gap of three years can be sentenced up to two years of imprisonment or punished up to a few thousand rupees or both[10].

What provides rise to criminal liability in an exceedingly road accident?

Accidents that area unit caused by the rashness or negligence of the motive force produce to criminal liability. Section 304A of the IPC covers such liability that is punishable for two years or fine or each. it's fully necessary that death or injury ought to be an on the spot results of the negligent act of the suspect. If there's a 3rd party intervention then the prosecution case would weaken. Remote or indirect affiliation won't produce to any criminal liability. as an example, if a driver whereas talking on the mobile phone hits a pedestrian, he's directly accountable for such Associate in Nursing accident. On the opposite hand, once a driver collides with a building and therefore the window sill falls on a pedestrian walking by, then such driver won't be liable underneath this section.

A person WHO is driving or riding holds the final word duty to regulate his vehicle. Such someone is clear guilty of negligence if his vehicle dashes into one thing or somebody unless he has reason to elucidate that he did everything in his power to stay the vehicle in restraint however the accident was inevitable. This principle was established within the landmark case of Ratlam v.s Emperor[11]. within the case of K. Perumal v.s State[12] it had been command that the motive force was prone to be tarred-and-feathered underneath section 304A of the IPC as he ran over his vehicle on the victim, while not trying to save lots of him albeit there was adequate area on the opposite aspect.

Carelessness doesn't produce to criminal liability (but it will end in civil liability underneath the cars Act as antecedently explained). unthoughtfulness of the suspect ought to mirror disregard for different person’s life and property which implies there must be intention or what we tend to decision in law planning. within the case of Chintaram v.s State of Madhya Pradesh[13] , the deceased was walking on the center of the road therefore the suspect was driving by the left of the road attempting to stay a distance from her. once the suspect reached getting ready to the deceased she short took a left flip and got smitten by the bike. during this case, the suspect wasn't negligent. The erratic call of the victim failed to offer any affordable time to the traveler to avoid her therefore he was guiltless.

There area unit varied different offences involving motorcar accidents that area unit punishable underneath the Indian legal code.

Section 279 covers rash driving or riding on public approach that is punishable by the approach of imprisonment up to six months or fine of 1 thousand rupees or each. Rash driving is freelance of different offences regardless of its consequences, which implies if the consequence of such rash driving is death or injury then the suspect are tried for those offences additionally to the charge underneath this section.

Section 336 provides that anyone WHO acts headlong or negligently that endangers human life or safety are often tarred-and-feathered with imprisonment for a term up to a few months or a fine of rupees 250/- or each.

Section 337 and section 338 cowl inflicting hurt and inflicting grievous hurt that threatens life and safety of individuals. someone is prone to pay to rupees 500/- as fine and may be sentenced imprisonment for a term of six months or each just in case of inflicting hurt underneath section 337. just in case of grievous hurt, the motive force are often tarred-and-feathered with imprisonment extending up to 2 years or fine of rupees 1000/- or each.

All seven charges were established within the Sessions Court against the suspect within the Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case that were lined sections 279, 304(iii), 336,337,338,427 of the IPC and sections 181 and 183 of the cars Act.

 Recently, vice chairman (Legal) of Reliance Industries, Jahnvi Gadkar has been charged with guilty kill not amounting to murder in conjunction with provisions of drunk driving from the cars Act as a result of Gadkar had in Associate in Nursing blind drunk state rammed her automobile (Audi) - into a taxi and killed 2 persons.


All you need to know about Road Accidents

Position of road accident legislations in Great Britain and USA

India and Great Britain have terribly similar legal position with relevance road accidents. Road Traffic Act, 1988 is that the main legislation that covers problems associated with road safety and accidents. Provisions of cars Act 1988 (India) and Road Traffic Act, 1988 (UK) area unit quite identical. Great Britain codification Penalty Table[14] provides an entire list of offences and their corresponding punishments.

There is a Drink Drive Rehabilitation theme in Great Britain that has been active since Jan 2000. this can be typically offered at the discretion of Court to the wrongdoer and underneath this theme, any wrongdoer will cut back his ban on driving that ought to be quite twelve months. there's additionally provision of community service for recurrent offenders.

In USA, automobile accident problems area unit entirely lined underneath various state legislations however all the states have 3 basic components which require to be established satisfactorily by the victim to assert compensation. Firstly, complainant ought to prove that there had been a breach of duty from the a part of the suspect. A mere auditory communication of sorry at the time of the accident by the suspect are often used as proof against him. Secondly, the victim should prove damage is caused to him. harm to vehicle and injury to the victim should be established to the court so the victim will truly claim compensation, medical expenses, loss of wages etc. Finally, the complainant should prove part of effort. effort suggests that consistency of medical testimony of the victim with the character of the collision. it's potential that bound injuries of the victim occurred before the accident therefore injuries of the victim ought to be compared with a correct analysis of the crash scene that is mostly captured in footage and CCTV footage at the traffic poles.


The cars Act had been recently amended in March 2015 and a brand new motorcar Bill is ready to be introduced within the monsoon session of the Parliament this year. The bill goes to introduce strict measures against traffic offenders. It suggests serious fines up to three hundred thousand rupees and imprisonment up to seven years for death of a baby.[15] the rise in each monetary system and imprisonment penalty might produce a deterrent impact within the minds of general public yet as regular offenders. There area unit CCTV cameras at the traffic signals and therefore the road speed check posts however most of them area unit non practical. This loose functioning of the traffic authorities additionally has to modification. Republic of India might have a perfect legislation for coping with traffic rules and accidents however within the finish it's the duty of the voters and traffic authority to stay the roads & highways a secure place.
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