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Alcohol laws in India
Alcohol laws in Republic of India area unit a wierd piece of legislation. with the exception of each different legislation, the laws governing liquor consumption in Republic of India lacks uniformity. we tend to all understand that alcohol is that the most ordinarily used intoxicant among the folks of not solely our country however throughout the planet.

In Republic of India the legal age and laws governing alcohol that regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol vary considerably from state to state. They vary as a result of the topic of alcohol is enclosed within the State list that comes beneath the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of Republic of India. In India, the sale of alcohol typically takes place at liquor stores, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, clubs and discos.

The alcohol laws not solely inflict the age however additionally list down the places wherever alcohol may be sold  and this additionally varies from state to state. as an example, in some states, liquor could also be sold  at groceries, division stores, banquet halls and/or farm homes. Some tourer areas have special laws permitting the sale of alcohol on beaches and houseboats.

Different criteria for ages in numerous states 

In India, there's a distinct age for each state. This variation in law have resulted in distinction between consumption age and also the getting age. Consumption age is that the age once a private will wrongfully consume the alcohol. getting age is that the age at that a private may be sold  alcohol by the license holder. This minute distinction is mostly unnoticed by the authorities.

These variations have resulted in ton of confusion and has created the social control of several laws futile. as an example if an individual in geographical area is shopping for alcohol than he must be a significant (i.e. higher than 18); as per Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949-SECTION 18; but he cannot consume the alcohol, as a result of the consumption age in geographical area is twenty five (as per Bombay Prohibition Act,1949- half VI-A Rule 70D). Such a law becomes tough to enforce as there area unit terribly restricted ways that to make sure that someone World Health Organization is beneath twenty five don't consume the alcohol. although he's caught with alcohol he can not be admonished if he's higher than eighteen.

To make things additional sophisticated, some states like geographical area have obligatory license demand. therefore if a private desires to shop for alcohol he initial got to get a license from the govt. He must show that license to the seller before creating an acquisition. Such a method has more multiplied the chance of harassment by the authorities.

In state as per state Excise Department, 1967 age of drinking is twenty one but as per The state Excise Act, 1965 Section thirty six age to buy alcohol is eighteen years. In many countries the act were silent concerning either concerning the valid age or getting age. In such a scenario, for the aim of convenience it's assumed that the each the age is same.

Bengal Excise Act 1909 SECTION fifty one

  From the higher than table {we can|we will|we area unit able to} see the large variations that are practiced by totally {different|completely different} states for keeping different age for consumption of alcohol. however with the exception of this there area unit sure additional ideas and terms associated with Alcohol Laws in Republic of India that additionally must be learnt for thorough understanding of the subject.

Some of the terms associated with the Alcohol laws in Republic of India may be expressed as follows:

According to the Section 185 of the cars Act, 1988

The drunk Driving Law in Republic of India states that if an individual whereas driving a automobile, incorporates a Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) prodigious thirty mg of intake per a hundred metric capacity unit of blood that is detected with the assistance of a breathalyser, that specific wrongdoer, whether or not he or she shall be punishable for the primary offence with imprisonment for a term which can be six months, or with fine which can be 2 thousand rupees, or with each; and for a second or subsequent  offence, if committed among 3 years of the commission of the previous similar offence, with imprisonment for a term which can be 2 years, or with fine which can be 3 thousand rupees, or with both.


There area unit some days specifically once the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Republic Day (26 January), legal holiday (15 August) and Gandhi Jayanti (2 October) area unit typically dry days throughout Republic of India as they're thought of because the National Holidays therefore each state is absolute to celebrate that day as a DRY DAY.

DRY STATES IN Republic of India

There area unit some states that area unit referred to as the dry states within which the sale of alcohol in any kind is completely prohibited to the living inhabitants.

The following is that the list of the states that area unit referred to as the “DRY STATES”

GUJARAT- Bombay Prohibition( Gujarat modification Bill), 2009 was passed in 2011 by the assent of the Governor in Gujarat.
BIHAR- With the passing of the province Excise (Amendment) Bill 2016 the sale and possession of the liquor was prohibited.
NAGALAND- The sale and consumption of Alcohol was prohibited by passing Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act (“NLTP”) in 1989.
MANIPUR.- This north- jap state, province obligatory ban on the sale and consumption of liquor by passing the province Liquor Prohibition Act of 1991
THE higher than STATES may be cited because the LIQUOR-LESS STATES and that they HAVE SEPARATE LAWS GOVERNING THEM.

Implementation of the Alcohol laws in Republic of India

Though we've got seen higher than that alcohol sale and consumption is prohibited in over half-dozen states of Republic of India that wholly prohibit the sale, consumption and even possession of the liquor.

Article forty seven of the Constitution of Republic of India states that “The State shall endeavour to achieve prohibition of the consumption aside from healthful purpose of intoxicating drinks and of medication that area unit injurious to health”.

From the table it's visibly clear that age of drinking varies between eighteen to twenty five between completely different states. however essentially can|we are able to} see that the alcohol consumption is common between the kids and youth from the age of nine to nineteen years that in returning years will significantly scale back to fifteen years.

Almost daily we tend to come upon headlines hearing concerning the automobile accidents by youth beneath the influence of alcohol like “Drunk senior govt in BMW hits motor vehicle cart, injures 4” (Dated could seventeen, 2016- the days of India)

The development of the consumption of alcohol isn't solely among the wealthy category of the society, however even the center category and also the poor youth consume it additional at a better extent. The factors that trigger them is that the simple accessibility, weak implementation of laws etc.


From the higher than article we will clearly infer that forbiddance of sale and consumption of alcohol in some states could be a political gimmick and zip else and simply a replacement elixir for the politicians to draw in vote bank.

It is terribly essential for the state to make sure that legal age ought to be strictly followed and there ought to be diligent participation of the enforcement agencies towards this.

We need to know that the youth is that the way forward for our nation Republic of India. The time has currently come back to safeguard their interests by keeping them work and healthy.

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